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Llumar makes films which fill the various needs of the market for different levels of protection. Llumar’s Magnum series provides optically clear film without distortion and without a yellowed, cloudy or frosted overcast. Their films provide a safety factor through the unique adhesive bond to the glass. Even the thinnest of films will form a tough barrier which will help hold shattered glass in place.

Whether it is an intruder trying to break in, a weather problem or a household accident, Llumar Magnum provides a protective barrier which helps reduce personal injury and property loss.

Protecting your glass and/or mirrors from graffiti vandals is made easier with Llumar’s Magnum Series.  The film provides a sacrificial layer that can be removed and replaced after vandals strike.  Different thicknesses are available depending on the application.

The newest member in the Llumar family also protects your wireless networks, cell phones, digital devices, computer keystrokes and conversation against hackers or electronic eavesdropping from outside your building.  This is a product previously available to the Federal Government only.


Llumar Magnum Safety and Security window film is a laminated polyester film bonded by a unique adhesive system that can drastically reduce damage and injury from broken window glass.  Let Llumar window film protect you, your family and friends or business from glass breakage associated with windborne debris, bomb blasts, forced entry, spontaneous breakage and accidents.  Llumar Magnum window film can upgrade annealed glass to safety rated glass for your personal safety and protection.

Judy Levine is an interior designer who specializes in elegant and detailed design projects.  This holds true for magnificent home Judy designed and the one in which she and her family reside.  The Levine estate includes a main residence, pool house and multi-paned miniature playhouse.

The problem with the glass in the 144 square-foot stone and slate playhouse was not one of solar control but rather of the dangers inherent in stained glass windows.  The stained glass gives the playhouse a special colorful charm but clearly presented a risk for boisterous children at play. ”I wanted to protect our grand-children from the dangers of broken glass,” said Mrs. Levine.

Clear security film that did not alter the color scheme was installed on each of the twelve French windows in the playhouse.  The film provides optical clarity without distortion or a yellow, cloudy or frosted shadow.  A scratch resistant surface assures trouble-free maintenance with most conventional window cleaners, including those with ammonia.  The film also provides virtually total protection from harmful UV radiation to help prevent the fading of furnishing fabrics and give skin protection against dangerous sun rays.

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Llumar Magnum Graffiti film offers protection against graffiti vandals and glass-taggers while rejecting up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays.  The thickness of the film helps stop the glass from being defaced while the scratch resistant coating allows the vandal to think he was able to get to the glass.  The film acts as a sacrificial layer that can be removed and replaced when vandals strike.  The film can be replaced for a fraction of the cost when compared to completely replacing the glass or mirrors.

In fact, every grade thickness of Llumar Graffiti offers such a transparent clarity, vandals won’t know it’s there.  Llumar Graffiti gives you a clear view without distortion.  That’s why it is so attractive to so many types of business and applications.

The Llumar Signal Defense Security Film, developed by Solutia Incorporated for sensitive federal government facilities, prevents nefarious types from plucking secret data out of thin air.  Signal Defense film has been installed over the past several years on more than 200 buildings within federal agencies, including the departments of Defense, Treasury and State.  Solutia has since developed a second generation of film for government use.  The first generation is now available and targeted to retail, health care and financial service sectors.

Some of these breaches make headlines.  Among the biggest was the intrusion by hackers into the data system of TJX Cos., patent company of Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods and other stores. In January, the company in Framingham, Massachusetts, acknowledged the loss of customers’ credit- and debit-card numbers, driver’s license numbers and names.  TJX is spending millions of dollars to investigate, but says it still doesn’t know the extent of the data losses.  Citing a source “familiar with the firm’s internal investigation,” The Wall Street Journal reported in May 2007 that the theft could involve the loss of 200 million card numbers from records stored in 2003 through 2006.  The theft began with hackers who parked outside of a Marshall’s store and used a laptop computer to grab information leaking through windows from the store’s wireless data system, the Journal reported.

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