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Our highly trained team here at Glass Enhancements have years of experience with residential window tinting and commercial window tinting, that’s why our customers talk about the wonderful work they do. Our specialists are able to do an energy analysis at your request to figure out and estimate how much window film will benefit your McHenry home. With window film or window film installation, you’ll save on heating and cooling costs! Plus, you’ll have improved comfort in your home. Since 1993, Glass Enhancements has been delivering to everyone the very best products in window film, commercial window tinting, and home window tinting! Glass Enhancements enjoys providing the most amazing commercial window tinting and home window tinting products available to McHenry!

McHenry Commercial Window Tinting

McHenry, Michigan, is a city within McHenry County, and has about 27,000 people that live there. Also, McHenry is surrounded by natural lakes and streams. Glass Enhancements window film installation, commercial window tinting, home window tinting and residential window tinting is installed and finalized by our top of the line trained experts. Here at Glass Enhancements, we only use clear distortion free adhesive which prevents peeling and bubbling of the window film and has a commercial warranty of 15 years. Home window tinting offers a lifetime warranty plus a one time transfer to all McHenry clients! That’s why our McHenry clients recommend us to their friends and family time and time again.

McHenry Home Window Tinting

One of our finest features at Glass Enhancements is our window film because its scratch free while providing long lasting ultraviolet protection. Window film installation by Glass Enhancements guarantees extra comfort and energy cost savings. Our window film, home window tinting, residential window tinting and commercial tinting can reduce glare, heat and almost entirely eliminate ultraviolet sunlight. We can examine your home and recommend which window film will suit your needs. Contact Glass Enhancements if you would like the most top quality sun control products! Or go ahead and visit our website for your free estimate today!

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