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Since 1993 Glass Enhancements has offered home window tinting and window film installation for residential and commercial spaces. One great benefit of installing window film is the protection from fading of your furnishings, floorings, and window treatments. Although the sun is hotter during the summer months, ultraviolet rays penetrate the same all year long leaving your homes valuable furnishings susceptible to fading, and increased energy costs for untreated glass windows and doors. Glass Enhancements carries name brand window film that provides the maximum protection from harmful UV rays.

Country Club Hills Commercial Window Tinting

Country Club Hills is a city in Cook County, Illinois that places great emphasis on honoring heritage while embracing the future. The friendly community of over 16,500 is a diverse mix of young families and established households working together to develop welcoming and prosperous communities with a spirit of compassion and volunteerism. In this small city, the residents of Country Club Hills know that Glass Enhancements has the service and selection to complete any size residential window tinting or commercial window tinting project near Country Club Hills.

Country Club Hills Home Window Tinting

Glass Enhancements eliminates nearly all ultraviolet rays with our window film, plus it’s easy to clean with a scratch resistant surface. Country Club Hills customers receive our best home window tinting, commercial window tinting, and window film every time guaranteed! We assure that your window film, home window tinting, residential window tinting, or commercial tinting will reduce glare and heat, plus virtually remove ultraviolet sunlight. Our quality window film guarantees increased comfort and protection of your home furnishings. For the highest attention to detail for your window film needs, call Glass Enhancements at (877) 313-3456 today!

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