Climate Control

The ultimate climate control for your windows is thin, clear and tough!

Even the best windows on the market are known to lose conditioned air to the world outside. Throughout the year, they let the heat of summer and the cold of winter sneak into buildings and homes, dramatically raising the cost of comfort.
But a single application of Llumar high technology Low-E film can bring about a surprising transformation – at a fraction of the cost of expensive replacement windows.

Micro-thin Low-e films keep heat in during the winter months, and heat out during the summer months.  While controlling glare, some films block more than half of total solar energy and cut out 99+% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation, all year long.

Adding window film to single-pane or to even better insulated double-pane glass, will increase the wintertime R-value by more than 30%. In addition to reflecting up to 30% of the radiant heat loss back into the room, which cuts energy costs for heating by as much as 27%, low-e films can reflect 61-79% of solar energy from outside. By cutting so much solar energy, they help the A/C unit to function more efficiently.

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