Benefits & Features

Reduce Solar Heat Gain – Reflects / Absorbs Heat
– Range from combined 40% to 80% of total

Reduce Radiant Heat Loss – Our Low-e Films Slow Heat Transfer through Windows
– Range from 4% to 65% of total

Safety and Security – Helps hold broken glass together
– Some products on plain glass treated with window films meet the same shatter tests as tempered glass.

Help Reduce Fading – by absorbing Ultraviolet radiation
– Our films absorb 99+% of the UV

Balance Hot/Cold Spots in your Home – by slowing the heat transfer through the glass
– 4 to 80% of total

Reduce Glare – by controlling light transmission
– different degrees of glare reduction achievable.

Scratch Resistant – All of our films come with a superior scratch resistant coating
– the latest technology provides a surface that will withstand normal cleaning and maintenance abrasion.

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