All About Fading

The three major factors that cause fabric fading are:

  • Ultraviolet Radiation(ax. 40%)
  • Heat Cycling(ax. 25%)
  • Visible Light(ax. 25%)

These three factors account for over 90% of something we like to call the “fade factor”.

Clear single pane glass rejects approximately 25% of UV, insulated(dual-pane) glass is slightly better at 38%.

Vista and Llumar window films installed on glass reject 99+% of all ultraviolet radiation!

No window film can completely eliminate fading but…
Vista and Llumar solar control window films will provide the maximum protection.

Four Seasons of Fading

While most would consider summer to be the season the sun does the most damage to furniture, draperies, carpets, etc., a closer examination of the facts will show this isn’t the case.
Though the sun is “hotter” during the summer months, Ultraviolet penetration is the same all year long. In fact, in many situations it can actually be worse during the fall, winter and spring. How is this possible?

  • The leaves are gone, and with them the shade they provide.
  • There is a greater tendency to leave your curtains open to let the “heat” in.
  • The sun is at a lower angle to the earth, allowing U.V. rays to enter your home more directly.
  • South facing windows are exposed to U.V. from dawn to dusk.
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