Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be able to see out but others not to see in?
This can be achieved when the light outside is greater than the light inside(typical day) with a highly reflective film, however, at night when the house lights are on, you will be able to see in, just as you see out during the day(just darker).

Will it kill my plants?
Some plants do better than others with decreased UV and visible light.  There are too many plant types and environments to fully address the issue here.  If it is a significant concern please check with your local extension office

Is it available with a not so shiny exterior?
Yes it is possible, we have films with exterior reflectivity less than that of glass itself.  Reflective films are common and popular because darker/more reflective films block more heat/glare than non-reflective films.  Additionally the darkness of non-reflective film that can be applied is limited by the type of glass installed.

Is it going to be noticeable once it’s applied, I don’t want to change the look of my glass?
Some of our most popular films are neutral in appearance and are barely visible at all.

Will the film scratch easily?
The special, patented scratch resistant coating on Vista and Llumar products stand up extremely well to normal everyday wear and tear, and make cleaning trouble-free. Even squeegees and common window cleaners [i.e. Windex] won’t harm it.

Will the film bubble or turn purple in a few years?
Vista and Llumar window films have been specially designed for years of performance in demanding commercial and residential applications. Both are provided with a Manufacturer’s Warranty, lifetime for residential/automotive use and 15 years for commercial use.

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Looking for a tinter to handle automotive clients 3-5 days/wk. Likely lead into full-time depending on job performance. We can train the right person with limited experience, must have some experience.
Applicant must be reliable, trustworthy, and interested in working. We offer paid holiday/vacation in addition to competitive per tint job compensation.
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