Case Study on Glare

Two years ago, a man built his dream house in the tiny village of Durand, which is nestled in picturesque Northern Illinois. The house is an upscale contemporary design set in magnificent country surroundings. Huge Palladian windows in the living room area stretch from floor to ceiling to provide spectacular views of the landscaped gardens and a man-made lake. The windows also face east and capture the lion’s share of the morning and midday sunshine, which pours through the windows.
Beside the discomfort and glare, the homeowner noticed that the dramatic spiral wooden staircase and area rugs, which were important features of the living room, had begun to lose their natural colors. At a recent social gathering the homeowner was discussing the problem with a friend who immediately suggested he get in touch with the local Vista dealer who had recently solved his problems. The homeowner explained that he wanted to control the sun’s heat and damaging rays without impairing the magnificent views.

Vista Harmony V40 was chosen as the solution. Over 500 square feet of Vista was installed on the Palladian windows to reject 55% of all solar energy and reduce solar heat gain by nearly half, thereby making the temperature in the living room comfortable throughout the hot summer months. The reduction in heat build up was achieved while keeping the views and reducing glaring light through the windows by 56%. Moreover, the fading of the wood staircase and furnishings, which was mainly due to heat and the sun’s UV rays, is greatly impeded as 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are stopped from passing through the windows. When professionally installed, the V40 soar control film is invisible without the reflectance problems associated with other window film.

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